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    I was raised on a hobby farm in a small town of Wisconsin. Through my Dad's shed of endless tools and materials, I was able to build and create whatever I put my mind to. I was always very interested in figuring out how things worked. I am fascinated by the construction of what a material could make or how an object was made. Challenges are something I strive for! I enjoy figuring out the mechanical aspect of how to create and design a piece. 

           My design has influences rooted in history, science, and mythology. I am interested in the evolution of ideas and the language it takes on. I study geometric forms and how their engineering communicates with the viewer in an abstract way.

          I graduated from Mount Mary University in 2015 with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in studio art. While obtaining my minor, I became interested in metalsmithing through a class that was offered. I then did an independent study in metalsmithing the next semester. After I graduated, I continued to teach myself new techniques I found online and would always have an active studio to work in. Currently, I am an artist and resident at Var Gallery, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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