All Jewelry is handmade by shaping metal over anvils, blocks or forms using a hammer

and operating soldering and welding equipment to join metal parts. 



    Elise Feree was raised on a hobby farm in a small town in Wisconsin. Through her Dad's shed of endless tools and materials, she was able to build and create whatever she put her mind to. Elise was always very interested in figuring out how things worked. She is fascinated by the construction of what a material could make or how an object was made. Elise Feree enjoys figuring out the mechanical aspect of how to create and design a piece. 

           Elise Feree Metals' jewelry design has influences rooted in history, science, and mythology.  Elise Feree is interested in the evolution of ideas and the language it takes on. She studied geometric forms and how their engineering communicates with the viewer in an abstract way.